Sunday, September 27, 2009


I had heard of flickr, but never actually used it myself. I knew it was a photo sharing website. The amount of photos actually found on this website really surprised me! The two photos I borrowed are good examples of erosion. I think our students would get a lot more from various real photographs versus some random sketch of erosion or one simple photo found in a textbook. I also like that the sign gives an alternate definition to erosion. This is real life application in learning! Fun!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thing #3-The Avatar Experience

I had fun with this assignment. At first I wasn't sure how to personalize my avatar, but after playing with the features a bit, I felt like a true pro. I wasn't sure though whether I should have the summer, fall or winter version of myself. Also, I almost did my lounging at home with a book look, but then opted for the more professional look. I do look pretty professional, don't I?

Thing #2-The 7 1/2 habits

I think the habit that is easiest for me is to teach/mentor. My mother has always said that teachers are naturally born and I think that this is true to a certain extent. Teaching has always come naturally to me and I can genuinely say that I truly enjoy doing it. The most difficult habit is probably viewing problems as challenges. With age and maturity, this habit has improved for me, but I must admit that at times, I can get tunnel vision from the frustrations of certain obstacles placed before me.