Monday, November 30, 2009

Thing#20-Utube, TeacherTube, and Zamzar

Having videos available for educational purposes is priceless. I already use various other video resources. I like using videos because they really get difficult concepts across to the students, especially the younger students. It is definitely a valuable teaching tool. The following video I embedded is a good idea. I hope to create a similar video for my patrons.

Thing #19-Web 2.0 awards list

This has been hands down, my favorite of all the things. I must have visited at least 10 of the award willing tools. I would like to talk about a couple. The first tool I really liked was mango languages. This tool is really neat because it teaches you foreign language using the conversational approach vs. the more structured grammatical approach. As you learn each phrase, you are given a literal translation. This is helpful, so that you are able to form other phrases and sentences as you acquire new vocabulary. I also like how it continues to build on what you learned in previous lessons. The tool is interactive and I found the pronunciation native and precise. I think I will try this tool out with our dual language students.

The other tool I really liked was Lulu. This tool allows you to to publish your work. They offer choices such as books, photo books and calendars. I plan on using this tool for making photo books as Christmas presents. I would highly recommend this tool to any writing teacher. In addition, I hope to take on a project with Lulu to get some of my students published.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thing #18-Online Productivity Tools

I'm really impressed with the Openoffice project. It's exciting to think that a comparable office software suite similar to word exists. I listened to various online tutorials and found it to be very similar to microsoft word. One thing I like is that you don't have to open different windows for other applications. So, you can find the word processor, the spreadsheet and the presentation software all in the same place. I found the following utube tutorial.

I also took a look at google Docs and it is now one of my favorite web 2.0 tools. My group and I have been collaborating via google Docs and it has made things easier for us to keep up with the same document without having various versions of the same document. Also, I like that we don't have to meet in person as much because we can also comment about the project as the presentation progresses.

Thing #17-Rollyo

Rollyo is something I will definitely use. I really want to share this resource with my teachers. I am still finding that many of our students are being referred to google. Rollyo could definitely help decrease the use of google. Once teachers learn how easy it is to create a searchroll, they will probably jump on the bandwagon and start to discourage google. I created a searchroll for world news. I did so because I find that our kids are not exposed to world events as much as the local news. To be honest, I wasn't exposed to world news until college. I hope this searchroll will given them a broader perspective on things. Rollyo was working awfully slow today, but hopefully I can add my link later.

Thing #16-Wikis

Since I am a huge fan of language, I found the origin of the word very interesting! It's fascinating to learn that "wiki" originates from the Hawaiian language. Well, I have to start by saying that I feel so "left behind," I mean so many librarians have already started wikis, or are involved with a wiki. I am glad I have a better understanding, but I am a bit overwhelmed with the number of wikies out there. I can say that I found myself liking Joyce Valenza's wiki very well. I hope to join that wiki.

Will I use wikis as a librarian? Yes, I probably will. How? I plan to start using it with the upper grades. I hope to discuss a social studies concept on our wikis. I find that students tend to get really bored with social studies because it can be too abstract sometimes for them.

Thing #15-Web 2.0, library 2.0, and the future of libraries

Library 2.0 is about responding to the way things are today. It is about taking the technology we have coming at us and using it to the best of our abilities. Students today process and use information differently from the more conventional paper and pencil way. So, libraries should be prepared to serve their patrons in a way that is best for the patron. library 2.0 is also about making library services available to the patron everywhere and not just physically in the library. Here's the catch, we must do all this while still incorporating our special librarian expertise because if not, we could find software/computer engineers trying to do our job. Yikes!

Thing #14-Technorati and how tags work

I have one question for everybody? Am I the only one being sucked into these blogs and articles. I simply clicked on some of the "tags" that I thought sounded interested an the next thing you know, I was reading article after article about that given topic. Wow! Well, what can I say, the tags are like a Type A personality's dream come true. I may not be Type A, but I am still darn excited about getting organized lists/tags. I did notice a difference in search results depending on where I ran my search.

Thing #13-Learn about tagging and discover Delicious

This thing has proven very useful for me. I created my own delicious account and have enjoyed having all my bookmarks "everywhere" instead of on one computer only. In the past, I've had to compare folders and update them as I continue to find new websites. In addition, I like taking advantage of everyone else's tags. I can see myself using this in education to help me organize the various websites and resources I find for the library and the classroom.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thing#12-Creating Community Through Commenting

The first point that has stuck with me during this thing is the fact that when you do comment, it should be about something you you are passionate about and that you genuinely care about. I think readers will be able to sense whether or not your tone is natural or forced. So, although commenting is important, it is more important to care about what you are saying. I totally agree with this...the best public speaking advice anyone ever gave me was to focus and care about what I was saying instead of worrying about what people think. I think this somewhat transfers into virtual "speaking."

I also like the point made about inviting comments. I know I am a lot more likely to comment when someone has made a direct invitation, or has posed a question. These types of posts just lend themselves for more interaction.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thing #11-Library Thing

Wow! I really like Library Thing. I think Library thing could be very useful for various book clubs. For example, I know my book club sometimes isn't sure what we should read next. Well, with the various suggestiong provided by Library Thing, we could easily come up with a title. I also think that highly motivated students could keep track of what they have read and what they think about the various books. Again, it would be a good place for readers to get other suggestions for reading. In addition, reluctant readers sometimes get "hooked" onto reading because of one particular title, and it just excites me to think that they could independently find other titles similar to that one book.