Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thing #10-On-line Image Generators

I was a bit frustrated with this thing. Some of the generators often directed me to other generators. Most of my photos were too big for upload when using the comic strip generator. I was so excited about using it too. I did manage to complete an Elvis cartoon comic strip. I turned out to be a much bigger fan of It was very user friendly and I loved the puzzles! Check out my little Boston Terrier's puzzles. His name is Memphis and soon he will be a dog model!

Thing #9-Useful Library

I have spent the last two hours exploring all the different blog search options out there. I'm glad there is a place for searching such blogs. Being that there are so many out there, I am also glad to learn that you can search specific subject blogs. I liked topix, it was neat being able to search so much news information in one spot. I also liked how you were able to change the location. I went to New York City just out of curiousity. Google blog search was simple and convenient, since I already visit google often. I did find us on there! At first edublogs was confusing because of the voting. However, I quickly scrolled down and found a few library blogs. I joined "Hey Jude" The name caught my eye because it's one of my favorite songs. Anyhow, the British author author says some interesting stuff and is very much into travel like myself. Plus, it's a totally different place and perspective.

Thing #8-RSS Feeds and Readers

Dear Librarian Letty,
I can't belive you have not been using the RSS reader. Wow, didn't you know that you can have various websites including blogs and news sites all in one place. The days of opening various windows at once is a thing of archaic times.

You know, you could share a wealth of information with your colleagues and other librarians using the RSS reader. Maybe you should get your other teachers and principal on board.

Start RSS!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thing#7-Super Cool Google Tools

Okay, so I knew about some of these tools, but had never really played with them as much as I have in the past few days. First of all, how cool is google earth! I just love it! I already traveled back to every state I have ever lived in. Also, I can view my actual building...kind of weird. I set up an alert for news information on Juarez, Mexico. Below I have added a link to my calendar. So the possiblities for these two tools used in education are endless. For example, everyone on a team could set up the same alert and then discuss it via blog/email. The calendar is a good opportunity for educators to not only get organized, but to keep everyone posted on all the events and trainings coming up in the near future. Also, the calendar could help prevent double booking. Everyone can be on the same page. Good Stuff!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


This assignment was a lot of fun and interesting to see the different mashups out there. The one that I really played with was the trading card maker. I think that we could use this in the classroom/library for various writing assingments. Also, there are endless possibilities for book related ideas such as book summaries. They can also be used for social studies and science as concept reviews.