Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thing #9-Useful Library

I have spent the last two hours exploring all the different blog search options out there. I'm glad there is a place for searching such blogs. Being that there are so many out there, I am also glad to learn that you can search specific subject blogs. I liked topix, it was neat being able to search so much news information in one spot. I also liked how you were able to change the location. I went to New York City just out of curiousity. Google blog search was simple and convenient, since I already visit google often. I did find us on there! At first edublogs was confusing because of the voting. However, I quickly scrolled down and found a few library blogs. I joined "Hey Jude" The name caught my eye because it's one of my favorite songs. Anyhow, the British author author says some interesting stuff and is very much into travel like myself. Plus, it's a totally different place and perspective.

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