Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thing#7-Super Cool Google Tools

Okay, so I knew about some of these tools, but had never really played with them as much as I have in the past few days. First of all, how cool is google earth! I just love it! I already traveled back to every state I have ever lived in. Also, I can view my actual building...kind of weird. I set up an alert for news information on Juarez, Mexico. Below I have added a link to my calendar. So the possiblities for these two tools used in education are endless. For example, everyone on a team could set up the same alert and then discuss it via blog/email. The calendar is a good opportunity for educators to not only get organized, but to keep everyone posted on all the events and trainings coming up in the near future. Also, the calendar could help prevent double booking. Everyone can be on the same page. Good Stuff!

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  1. Yes, some Librarians have used Google Calendar for scheduling their Libraries.