Monday, November 30, 2009

Thing #19-Web 2.0 awards list

This has been hands down, my favorite of all the things. I must have visited at least 10 of the award willing tools. I would like to talk about a couple. The first tool I really liked was mango languages. This tool is really neat because it teaches you foreign language using the conversational approach vs. the more structured grammatical approach. As you learn each phrase, you are given a literal translation. This is helpful, so that you are able to form other phrases and sentences as you acquire new vocabulary. I also like how it continues to build on what you learned in previous lessons. The tool is interactive and I found the pronunciation native and precise. I think I will try this tool out with our dual language students.

The other tool I really liked was Lulu. This tool allows you to to publish your work. They offer choices such as books, photo books and calendars. I plan on using this tool for making photo books as Christmas presents. I would highly recommend this tool to any writing teacher. In addition, I hope to take on a project with Lulu to get some of my students published.

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